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Advertising FAQ

Why use 1066online for my internet marketing?

Our directory concentrates on Hastings and the imediate area surrounding it, business advertisers are not permitted from further afield. Keeping to these strict guidlines allows us to target our pages with the search engines. In the long run this has benefitted both the directory's position in the search engine rankings and all our customers by providing very targetted visitors. If you searched for "builders in hastings" you wouldn't be looking for those in Bexhill, Rye and beyond. We strive to provide all visitors to the website with exactly what they are looking for.

Do I have to list my postal address?

All business listings are required to have a postal address. This way it assures users of the directory that the businesses are all local and legitimate traders. It also keeps everything looking uniform, and hopefully gets you more business in the process. Imagine a “Hastings directory” full of out of town listings with mobile numbers and no addresses. We are sure most people wouldn’t bother using it. However, we do appreciate some businesses do not want to publicise their full postal address so the mimimum we will accept is street name and postcode.

Can I just get a link exchange?

In short, no. We charge for business listings to support our ongoing efforts improving and promoting the website with the search engines. Offering a link exchange wouldn't really make business sence. Link exchange sites can also be seen as spam by the search engines so we would discourage your use of them.

What is a Paypal Subscription?

One of the payment options we provide for booking advertising is a PayPal Subscription. The advantages of using this option are twofold.

1. Price Freeze Guarantee - your advertising will never go up in price for as long as you keep your subscription running. You will continue to pay the rate you signed up at, no matter what we do with our charges in the future.

2. Hassle free automated payment - we don't need to waste time sending you reminders about renewals and you don't need to waste time arranging payment.

You can cancel the subscription in your PayPal account at any point should you no longer need your advertising, there is no need to contact us directly.

Got another question?

If you have any more questions about advertising with us please use the Contact Page to ask. We will answer you directly by email and add any common questions on this FAQ page.

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